JBs Doll Houses and Miniatures
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Available Products

Doll House Accessories & Furniture

We offer the miniature doll house accessories and doll house miniature furniture you need for decorating your doll house. Whether building from scratch or a doll house kit, or decorating a vignette or a room box, we have the scale building components, kits and furniture from 1" to N gauge to complete the project.

Artisan and Handcrafted Miniatures

  • Handcrafted and artisan made doll house miniatures
  • Collectible vintage plastic doll house furniture
  • Vintage metal dollhouse
  • Small scale building supplies
  • Miniature furniture kits

This is a WEBSTORE in progress, please check back frequently for new products. We are continuing to add products.  If there is an item you need and you don't see it pictured, please e mail through the web site.

Website is set up for PayPal

JB's is now strictly a WEBSTORE. The showroom in Yuma was closed in April 2011.

Monthly Specials For January

$5.00  $2.50
Save: 50% off
Juice dispenser,etc
Juice dispenser,etc
$17.00  $15.00
Save: 12% off
Doll house
Doll house
$60.00  $42.00
Save: 30% off